Change of Flippa Account Username


Q. A Customer has sent in a Support Request, requesting the username on their account be changed. What do we do?

Procedure :

While we'd prefer users not to change their account username, we'll generally go ahead and change account username for them,

however we need to look at some account information beforehand.


We can proceed to change the username for a new user account after the following is checked :

* Is less than a month old,
* Has submitted minimal or no bids on listings, or has placed minimal or no listings as a seller,
* has not received any negative Feedback,
* has had minimal or no involvement in user Disputes,
* No alerts for multiple IP / payment methods have been generated, which are in a Saved status,
* the account is not on Probation,
* Admin Notes on the account indicate no suspensions or banning for TOS violations,
* Account username has not been changed before ( Admin Notes will show previous username changes ).

We'll also change usernames for established accounts under the following :

* Account has a regular history of bidding or listing placement,
* Feedback left on the account is generally Positive ( around 90% Feedback Rating ),
* Any Disputes the user has been involved in are resolved as either Won or Neither ( No Disputes in a Lost status ),
* Any alerts for multiple accounts via same payment methods / access through same computer are showing a Dismissed status,
* Admin Notes on the account indicate minimal or no previous TOS breaches ( suspensions for Success Fees do not count ),
* Account username has not been changed before ( Admin Notes will show previous username changes ).

If the user account matches these criteria, respond to the user asking to specify their 2 preferred usernames ( in case first choice is already taken ). Username can then be updated through the Change Username field, on the user's Admin page. Respond to the user in Zendesk confirming their account username has been updated.

Any doubts regarding a change of username for a Flippa account, please see either Danny or Dave.

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