Flippa Listing Plagiarism Issues


Q. A Customer has sent in a Support Request, reporting that the Listing Description of a Flippa listing has been plagiarised from their Flippa listing, or another Flippa listing - what should I do?

A. Firstly, we can only take action on plagiarism issues, if the Support Request is submitted by the user / seller whose listing has been plagiarised.
The user reporting the plagiarism issue must provide a link to their listing which has been plagiarised. If they have not provided this information, respond via ZenDesk
asking them to provide the URL of the Flippa listing which was plagiarised.

The listing reported for plagiarism, and the listing that was plagiarised, should be compared to review the level of plagiarism occurring within the listing.
If the plagiarism issue is only limited to a small portion of the listing , the seller should be warned via a Support Request in ZenDesk using the
” Plagiarised Listing Description ( Seller Warning ) ” macro, with a note placed on the user's account recording the plagiarism issue against their account.

If there is a clear case of plagiarism, with large parts of the listing plagiarised from the other listing, the reported listing should be
cancelled without refund through the Moderate Listing link, in the Manage Listing menu when viewing the listing. In the Moderate listing page,
select the option to Remove Auction, placing the text ” Listing Description Plagiarized - breach of Site Rules ” in the Reason For Removing text field.
The seller should be contacted via a Support Request in ZenDesk using the ” Plagiarised Listing Description ( Seller Warning ) ” macro.

If a Flippa seller places a Flippa listing containing a plagiarised Listing Description, and the seller has previously had a listing cancelled
also due to listing plagiarism ( check their User Admin page ), the listing should be immediately cancelled without refund, and the seller's account

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