Flippa sellers offering websites with different domains but same content & design


Q. How do we feel about sellers offering websites with different domains, but same content & design ?


A. We sometimes receive Support Requests from users reporting that a seller is selling websites with the same design and content, but with a different domain name attached to them.

Flippa sellers are permitted to re-purpose the content and design of a website to list for sale on Flippa, provided that they clearly indicate in their Flippa listing that the content and design of the website for sale is not unique. Should buyers require the full IP rights of the website's content and design, this must be discussed with the seller prior to bidding, which may require signing of some form of physical contract with the seller confirming this.

Flippa buyers should also be encouraged to conduct their own thorough due diligence into the Flippa listing they wish to bid on, to confirm the seller's claims of unique / non-unique content and design.

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