Selling a WIX website on Flippa


WIX is increasingly becoming a popular platform to build websites and our support team have been inundated with questions about selling them on Flippa.


Can you sell a WIX website on Flippa?

How to you verify ownership of a WIX website on Flippa?

This is done via a txt record


<In WIX>

1. From your Domain Manager, under My Domains, click Manage next to your chosen domain.

2. Under Domain Summary, next to Domain Records, click Manage.

3. From Edit Domain Records next to TXT (Text), click Add New TXT Record.




4. Next to TXT Name, type in the subdomain.

5. Next to TXT Value, type in the TXT record.

6. Next to TTL, from the drop-down menu, select the time before this addition takes effect.



7. Click Add.

Your TXT record is added.


Thanks to our friends at WIX for this information. You can see their support entry on this here.

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