How do I verify ownership of a domain?


We’ve updated our domain listing process to include two new validation options for domain sellers.

When you reach the 'Launch' tab on the listing builder you'll see two options:  Screen_Shot_2013-11-01_at_1.35.17_pm.png

Validating Using Email


Your domain will be instantly validated if your Flippa account email is the same as the domain’s WHOIS email record.

If this is different, Flippa will send a confirmation notice to the registrant email address in the WHOIS. When this arrives, click on the confirmation link to verify your listing’s domain. Note that this process will also work for most private domain registrations.

Validating Using DNS Text Record


If you are unable to validate via email, you can also validate using DNS. This involves adding a text code provided by Flippa as a DNS TXT record via your DNS management console. Relax – it’s not usually as tricky as it sounds! If you're hosted with GoDaddy we've made this helpful How-To video or read GoDaddy's instructions

Tip: If the TXT record has been loaded on and is not working, this may be because you entered "www" when listing your domain on Flippa initially. By loading a TXT record against the www form of your domain in the same place, this should fix this problem.

What If It Goes Wrong?

There may be occasions where the domain validation process fails. One example is when the domain registrar does not require an email address and you do not have access to the DNS configuration. If this occurs, be sure to contact the excellent Flippa Support team, and they’ll see if they can remedy the situation.

Please note that a domain listing cannot go live if ownership cannot be verified.

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