How do Second Chance Offers Work?


When a dispute is resolved in the seller’s favour after a sale has fallen through (for example, in cases of a non-paying bidder), the seller will have the option of making a Second Chance Offer to the second highest bidder, for the amount of the previous sale. If the seller chooses, they can opt to re-list their site right away.

The second highest bidder then has 72 hours to communicate with the seller and either accept or decline the offer.

If the offer is accepted, the second highest bidder is declared the winner of the auction. If the offer is rejected, or if 72 hours go by without a response from the second highest bidder, the seller is offered the chance to re-list their site for free, with all previously applied upgrades. We'll also let all previous bidders and watchers know that the site is back on auction.

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