What Should I Include in my Listing Description?


Updated on 17 June 2014.


Your listing's description and title are your first chance to interest potential buyers. It's worth spending some time and effort into making them as effective as possible!


Your listing's title: make first impressions count

When you create your listing, you want to include the most relevant information about your site in a format that's easy for buyers to understand.

Keep in mind that this description should be concise and highlight the things that make your site unique.


Putting together an effective listing description

Once you've interested a prospective buyer with your listing's title, they'll be looking for more information about your site. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes: what kind of information would you like to read? Buyers will want to know when the site was created, and by whom; whether the site is built on WordPress or custom-coded, and how it generates revenue. 

The best listings include a brief history of the site, an outline of its main monetization methods, a list of what's included with the site (including additional domains, social media accounts, apps, or physical assets), and any other relevant information. 

Note that once your listing is live, you won't be able to edit this information. If needed, you can provide additional information in your listing's comments.  If a mistake was made or essential changes must be made, please contact Flippa Customer Success at [email protected].

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