How Do Niches Work on Flippa?


When listing your website  or app on Flippa, we ask you to describe it in specific terms: is your site a blog, a forum, an eCommerce site? What is the main topic of your site? How does your application make money?

This information is then transformed into categories. These categories help interested buyers find your listing when they use Flippa's browse function.


  • If you have a site that sells dog beds, you would select Ecommerce as the site type and classify it under Home and Garden > Pets.

  • If you have an app that lists whiskey reviews, you’d list your app under Food and Drink > Drinks

By classifying your listing correctly you are more likely to attract qualified buyers who are keen to find a site in their interest area.


What if my site or app is about several things? 

We ask that sellers describe their app or site as narrowly as possible to ensure that it is categorised correctly. 

Be careful to classify your site’s content, not what it is or does. For example, a content site about golf might have awesome SEO, but it should be classified in Sports and Outdoors > Golf, not Internet > SEO. A site would only be classified in SEO if that is the service or content provided.

Remember, you can always add more information about your website when drafting your Sales Pitch. 

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