Am I Listing an Established Website, a New Website, or a Domain?


When starting your Flippa listing, you'll be asked whether you're listing a website or a domain. All websites have a domain -- so how do you know which one you're listing?

Established Website listings include both a domain name and website content. Websites usually have many visitors coming to them every day, and may also be generating revenue. Once the sale takes place, both the domain and the website content (and, in some cases, the hosting agreement) will be transferred to the buyer.

New Website listings are suitable for brand-new, turnkey, or template websites. These listings may not claim traffic or revenue. If you're making revenue from your website, or even if it just has regular traffic, please choose the Established Website option above.

Domain-only listings only include the domain name. When the sale takes place, the domain will be transferred over to the new owner. Parked domains may not be sold as websites.

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