You can save your listing as draft at any time and finish it when you are ready. There are some restrictions to what can be edited on a listing once it has been launched and also depending on what you have selected to list for sale and what type of sale it is (auction or classified sale).


  • Whilst in draft anything can be edited and changed
  • Limited changes available once launched


App, starter site and domain listings

Simply select 'Dashboard' after you login to Flippa and you will be taken to your listings. Select the draft listing that you want to edit and make the edits that you would like.

Please note, however, that not all fields on a live listing can be edited as follows:

  • The listing description, title, and URL can be edited once the listing is live. Once a bid has been placed, however, the listing description can no longer be edited.
  • The revenue, traffic and category classification cannot be changed.
  • In an auction, the opening bid, reserve price, and Buy It Now price can be modified after the listing is live. The reserve price can't be changed once it has been met. 
  • In a classified the minimum offer price cannot be changed once the listing is live.

If you find yourself unable to make the changes you need, please contact our support team and they can assist you.

Website and other business listings

Select 'My Businesses' after you login to Flippa and you will be taken to your listings. Select the 'continue' link next to the listing you would like to edit to return to the listing creation wizard. Continue through the wizard until you reach the submit listing page and there is an edit listing option on that page to edit your listing.

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