• Editing all aspects of a listing including description, title, opening bid, auction end date, reserve price, and Buy It Now (BIN) price can be edited.
  • While in the draft, all details of a listing can be edited.
  • Once the listing is live, some changes are limited.

How to Edit a listing. 

Simply select 'Dashboard > Selling > Listings / Drafts' to see your listings.

Select the listing that you want to view.

When on your listing page itself click the Edit Listing button.

Some fields may not be editable when your listing is live or submitted for review.

Setup section

  • Business Information
  • Monetization methods
  • Products

Integrations section

  • Connect to several different services where Flippa will gather data from the source for Buyers to review. 

Build listing section where you build out and make your listing as engaging as possible to a prospective buyer.

  • Images & video
  • Summary & description
  • Included in the sale
  • Social media
  • Financials: Month-by-month breakdowns are important for the most recent trailing 12 months the listing will graph the historical values for buyers to visualize. This needs to be maintained each month during the sales processes. 
  • Primary expenses
  • Attachments: Can be used for supporting evidance of claims made on the listing. 

Set your pricing section 

  • Asking Price: This can be updated when live as well as long as the reserve hasn't been met. 
  • Payment method: Select how you would like to receive payment from a Buyer. 

Listing package section

  • Select package
  • Add-Ons

Review Listing section

  • Lists anything that needs to be addressed before going live. 
  • Makes suggestions on possible improvements to be made on a listing.  


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