I'd Like to Hide my Listing from Public View


Once your auction or private sale is over, whether it results in a sale or not, you may want to hide it from search engines or from public view. 

While we encourage all sellers to leave their listing on Flippa for data integrity reasons, we offer a free upgrade that will hide your listing completely, including removing it from Flippa search results. 

Once your listing has ended, simply click on "Buy a privacy upgrade" and select "Hide listing completely from public view ($0)" 

If you'd like to request removal from Google search results please contact us. 

Please note: 

Any existing sites or search engines will have it in their cache until it is automatically deleted or if you request that they manually delete it.

Some sites will insist on additional payment to remove material that was previously open to the public.

Flippa cannot compel other entities to remove cached or re-posted content.

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