How Can I Verify my Traffic Stats?


Flippa's Site Rules mandate that every listing which claims traffic provide proof of this traffic. If you have Google Analytics installed on your site, you can use this data to verify your traffic claims. 


1. When creating your listing, you'll be asked to add traffic information by giving us authorisation to access your Google Analytics data. 

2. Once you're logged into Google Analytics, you'll be asked to select the correct website for which you're providing traffic information. Note: if you link Analytics for a different website for your listing, the information won't be displayed. 

3. Flippa will then present the average of the previous three full months as Verified Traffic in your listing's sidebar. 


Access to your Analytics profile is given as a one-off connection. We do not store the credentials to regain access in the future. Allowing Flippa to access your Analytics account does not provide access to any other part of your Google account (such as Gmail, Adsense, or Google+). 

If you'd like to refresh the traffic statistics for your listing, you can simply reverify the statistics. As we don't store credentials, you'll have to connect your listing to your Google Analytics account once more. 

Check out our trouble-shooting page If you are verifying your stats through the google API and it is returning zero.

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