How Do I Verify Ownership of the Site I am Selling?


We need to verify that you own the website you're selling before we can list your site on To get started, click the "Launch" link in the listing builder.

You have two options:



Verify Ownership via File Upload

To verify ownership, we ask you to place a special verification file into the main directory of your web server. You can download the verification file from the Verify Site Ownership page.

Uploading the file

To upload the verification file to the server that hosts your web site, you need to use FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, technology.

Many web hosts offer browser-based FTP services, or provide FTP services through their hosting control panels. This provides an easy way to upload the verification file to your server.

Or you can use your preferred FTP software to connect to the web server on which your site is hosted. To do this, you'll need to ask you web host for the relevant FTP connection settings.

Verifying site ownership

  1. Once you've uploaded the file to the main directory of your web server, log in to

  2. Go to the listing page for the site you're selling.

  3. From the listing builder menu, select Launch.

  4. Click the "Verify File Now" button.

You're all done! Once Flippa confirms that the verification file is in the right place on your web server, your listing will be published to

Verify Ownership via Meta Tags

The Verify Site Ownership page provides a special Meta tag that you can paste into the <head> section of your site's home page. This option works even if you're selling a WordPress site. 


Simply paste the code into your home page, and click the "Verify Meta Tag Now" button.

What if it goes wrong?

There may be occasions where the domain validation process fails. If this occurs, be sure to contact the excellent Flippa Support team, and they’ll see if they can remedy the situation. 

Please note that a domain listing cannot go live if ownership cannot be verified.

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