Seller Basics


Selling online property is easy with Flippa. Before you list your site or domain name, make sure you understand these important points.

Also see How it Works for detailed information on how to use Flippa.

Flippa offers public auctions and private sales

You can sell online property at Flippa in two ways: at public auction or private sale. Make sure you know the difference between these options, and your obligations as a seller, before you list your property.

Make your reserve price the lowest price you'll sell for

If you're selling at auction, the reserve price on your listing should reflect the lowest price you're happy to sell your property for.

Once bidding meets your reserve price, you'll be obligated to sell the property for the highest bid you accept, so your reserve price matters. It can be as low as $1, or as high as you want!

Accept bids or offers in good faith

Don't accept bids or offers from buyers you don't want to sell your property to.

Remember: if you're selling at auction and your reserve price has been met, you're obligated to sell to the buyer who makes the highest accepted bid. If you accept a bid in a private sale, that offer wins, ending the sale.

Take care in researching potential buyers when you're accepting bids.


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