How can I manage/ accept/ reject bids in my auction?

Flippa allows you to accept or decline a new bidder application.


  • Select Pending Bids from the drop down menu underneath your profile name
  • Accept or Reject bids as appropriate


You can see pending bids by using the drop down menu underneath your profile name and selecting the 'Pending Bids' option.


Here you can accept or reject buyers that are attempting to bid on your auction. Once a buyer has been approved, they can continue to place bids on your listing. 

You can reject a pending bid application if you have researched the bidder and would rather not sell to them. You won't be able to later accept this bidder, so it's worth taking a moment to properly research the bidder. 

You have up to three days to accept a pending bid application. After three days, the application will be automatically rejected.

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