What's a Premium Listing?


The Premium Listing option can really set your listing apart from others on Flippa and is available for established websites, domains, and apps.


Premium Listing upgrades offer sellers priority placement for their listing on our Buy and Browse pages and on the top of Keyword search results, along with distinctive styling. 


What's in it for me?

  • Premium Listings are above normal listings in search results.
  • We offer a dedicated support email address with Premium Listings.
  • Your website screenshot or app icon is twice the size of that shown in a normal listing.
  • Domain listings feature a bold blue Premium Domain graphic.
  • Your listing is featured on our Flippa homepage.
  • We send a tweet about your listing to the over 8,700 followers of @FlippaListings on Twitter.


You can start a new Premium Listing auction in the creation process as shown here:

Or, you can select “Buy an upgrade” at the top of your listing to upgrade a current auction.




If I buy a Premium Upgrade, will you create my auction for me, write my website description, or accept bids on my behalf?

No, the Premium Listing upgrade is not and does not replace a brokerage service.

How are Premium Listings ordered?

Premium Listings will be ordered by date listed on the Browse page, and by most recently featured on the Keyword and Buy pages.

Do I need to buy a Premium Listing upgrade to sell my website?

No – the Premium Listing upgrade is just an additional way to stand out from other listings. Sellers are strongly advised to consider whether they will get more value for their listing from this upgrade.

I’m selling a domain, or selling my site via a private sale. Can I still upgrade to Premium Listing?

Any website, domain, or app listing, regardless of auction or private sale, can apply the premium treatment. Note that this is not available for private sales over 30 days.

I've just created a website and I think it's awesome, can I upgrade it to Premium as well?

Brand-new or "turnkey" websites are not eligible for Premium Listing upgrades.

My auction is already live. Can I still buy a Premium Listing upgrade?

Absolutely! You can change your listing to Premium at any stage. Bear in mind that you will not be reimbursed for or pay the difference from other upgrades previously applied to your listing.

What if my site doesn’t sell? Is there a relist discount on Premium Listings?

While there is no discount on re-list for Premium Listing upgrades, the base re-listing fee itself is waived.


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