Flippa's Verified Traffic is different to Google Analytics?


Flippa uses the Google Analytics API to verify your site's traffic.

When you give us permission to do this, we use the domain you provided when you started your listing, then grab the traffic data to your exact URL in your Google Analytics account.

This means the numbers you see on Google Analytics should match the numbers you see in Flippa. However, there are two common reasons why it may return different numbers than you see there :

1. Your website is not actually receiving all the traffic you see in Google Analytics.
Flippa only recognises traffic received at your exact hostname as legitimate. All sites receive a portion of "ghost" spam - false Google Analytics traffic which registers on GA, but is not actually received at your site. It adds no business value and is therefore filtered from being placed on your Flippa listing by default. 
More about this and how to view in GA what your site actually is receiving, here (specifically the section on "Hostname").

2. There is a mismatch between the domain being sold and the properties listed in the account.

To fix this, you should ensure the following:

  1. Check that you have entered the right URL when creating your listing (see the "Website" tab in the listing creation process)
  2. Check that you've authenticated on Google with the correct account (ie the analytics account that contains the site you are looking to sell)
  3. Check that the corresponding Property URL matches the site you are trying to sell. To check this in analytics, go to "Admin" then click on the corresponding account. This will give you your list of properties (ie websites). Click on the property name you are looking to sell on Flippa. From here, click on "Property Setting" and ensure the entry in the "Default URL" field is correct.

If this does not fix your problem or you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact the Flippa support team.

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