What is Buyer Certification?


We require Buyer Certification of $5 for all bids over $200 and Premium Buyer Certification of $500 for all bids over $5,000. Certification is a quick, easy process in which we verify your credit card. This verification enables you to bid, place offers or buy-now requests on any Flippa listing. Please remember that the Hold is not a charge. 


How Buyer Certification works

  • We'll ask you to enter your credit card information. This is a secure form, and this information won't be used to process payments. 

  • We place a temporary hold on your credit card. This hold is removed as soon as we can verify the card. This is similar to the way hotels will place a hold on a credit card in order to secure a room.

  • You'll then be redirected to the listing page, where you can place your bid.


The hold will appear on your card for a few days, depending on your credit card provider.

The Premium Buyer Certification works the exact same except the amount of the hold is increased from $5 to $500. You will be automatically prompted by the system if you are bidding $5,000 and up on a listing. You cannot be Buyer Certified in advance. 

If you have difficulties in verifying your credit card, get in touch with our friendly support team!

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