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Looking to buy an online property? You've come to the right place. There are just a few things you should know before you start browsing Flippa listings.

Also, see How it Works for detailed information on how to use Flippa, and our Buyer's Guide for an overview of the buying process. 

Flippa offers public auctions and private sales

You can buy online property at Flippa in two ways: at public auction or private sale.

Make sure you know the differences between these options, and understand your obligations as a buyer in the auctions and sales you participate in.

Only bid if you want to buy

If you make a bid that's more than the reserve price on a property at auction, and the seller accepts your bid, you're legally obliged to pay up if you win the auction.

The same goes for offers you make on private sales: once your offer's accepted, you must complete the purchase.

You can't retract a bid or offer once it's been placed. So don't participate in Flippa auctions or sales if you don't want to buy. Your account will be suspended if you bid on a web property with no intention of paying.

Buyer, beware!

It's your responsibility to apply due diligence in researching the details of any property you want to buy. Flippa automatically verifies some details of listed properties, and offers Verified Google Analytics and AdSense on participating listings, but you'll want to do your own thorough research before you make a bid or offer.

The Flippa blog regularly covers research tips and tactics - it's a great place to learn new skills.



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