How Do I Research a Flippa Seller?


Before you make a bid or offer for property at Flippa, do your research.

It’s up to you to make sure you’re confident to deal with the sellers of properties you make bid or offers for.

How can you feel confident buying property from someone you’ve never met, who may live in a different country, or speak a different language? Research!

These tools and techniques will help you gather information on the sellers you meet here.

On-site Research

  • View the seller’s profile.

  • Find out how long they’ve been registered with Flippa. If they’re new, you’ll need to do extra legwork to ensure you’re confident to deal with them.

  • Review the seller’s feedback ranking.

  • Ask questions about the listing data in the Comments section of the listing, or in private messages. The seller’s response time, and the clarity of their answers, may give you an insight into how easy they’ll be to deal with.

  • Request proof that they own the domain, and that every claim they make (about revenue, copyright, and so on) is true.

  • Private Message the seller and ask for their phone number so you can call them to discuss the property. If they won’t give you their contact details, you may have trouble dealing with, or trusting them.

  • Ask the seller how much time they’ve put into the site, and how much maintenance it requires.

  • Check to see whether the seller emails you consistently from the same address. If they use a number of addresses, they may be hard to contact if something goes wrong.

Off-site Research

  • Google the name of the seller and the domain to check the property’s ownership.

  • Skype or call the seller to discuss the deal and obtain proof of their ownership of the property.

  • RipOffReport is a good place to check whether the seller has been mentioned in any scams.

  • may reveal details of any legal action taken against the seller.

  • If the seller is local, or the value of the transaction is large, arrange to meet with them to discuss the details of the property.

  • Ask for the seller’s social networking usernames, if they’re not included in the seller’s Flippa profile. View their activity on social networks to get an idea of who they are and how they deal with people.

  • Request that the seller sends you a photocopy of their license, passport, or a utility bill that shows their full name and address as proof of identity.

  • Visit other sites that the seller owns to get a feel for the way they operate.

  • Check the About pages of the seller’s properties to find out more about the seller.

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