Can I Make an Offer Outside the Bidding System?


No. If a property is listed for auction or sale on Flippa, you must use the Flippa system to make a bid or offer for it.

All bids and offers must be placed through the Flippa system so that Flippa auctions and sales are fair and transparent. 

If you're seen making private offers outside the Flippa system for active auctions or sales, via private message (PM), instant message (IM), email, or any other means, your Flippa account may be suspended, or you may lose your Flippa membership.

Sellers will have their account suspended if they accept or solicit bids or offers outside Flippa. 

This includes asking for negotiations to occur over email or otherwise outside Flippa.

Of course, Flippa is unable to help you with issues that arise from activity conducted outside the Flippa system.

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