Super Buyers


We have now added recognition for our Super Buyers on Flippa.

You can see that a user is a Super Buyer by the  gold star gold_star.jpg or silver star silver_star.jpg next to their username in their profile, on their auctions, or in search results. By highlighting our most engaged users, we’ve added a new way for our sellers to find our most reliable buyers.

All of our Super Buyers must have:

  • Activated their Flippa account

  • Verified their telephone number

  • Completed Buyer Certification

  • Never lost a dispute

  • Never been suspended or banned

  • Earned a feedback rating of 95% or higher


To qualify for Gold, a user must have successfully completed 10 or more purchases on Flippa in the last 12 months, and looks like this:


To qualify for Silver, a user must have successfully completed 5 or more purchases on Flippa in the last 12 months, and looks like this:


Super Buyers will be disqualified if:

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