Brokers, Super Sellers and User Status on Flippa.

There are different types of users on Flippa.

Most buyers and sellers that you connect with will be standard users, however there are also Brokers and Super Sellers that buy and sell on the platform.




Most of Flippa's users are established and in good standing, and will not have a badge or word next to their username.

Flippa user profiles will show a user's amount of positive feedback calculated over the past year, how many transactions they have completed, and the total amount of money from their transactions on Flippa.

It also shows their home country, when the user was last active on Flippa, and how long the person has been a user with Flippa.


Super Sellers


Flippa invites some of our users to be Super Sellers when they have demonstrated continued success in selling on Flippa and having earned consistently positive feedback from buyers.

You can see that a user is a Super Seller by the  super_seller_badge.png next to their username in their user profile, on their auctions, or in search results.




Flippa works with a number of brokers who manage high value listings and develops relationships with both buyers and sellers.

A broker Screen_Shot_2018-05-18_at_1.12.08_PM.pngbadge is added to the Broker’s account to identify the listings as credible, valuable, & having passed due diligence.



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