What is Verified AdSense?


Verified AdSense is an exclusive Flippa product that verifies the authenticity of revenue claims on some listings. 

Google AdSense is one of the most popular advertising platforms on the web. We pull data directly from Google and display it on listings, along with distinctive "Verified AdSense" styling. 



How can I add Verified AdSense to my listing?

When creating your listing, you'll be asked about monetization methods. Click on "Verify AdSense" to log in to your Google account and allow us to verify your AdSense data. This only takes a few seconds. 

We never have access to your Google password, and we can't access your account after the verification has been completed. This is a completely safe verification for sellers.

Do you have questions about Verified AdSense? Get in touch with our friendly support team!

This is one of our many safety features. Read more about safety on Flippa!

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