What is a Confidential Listing?


For sellers who value privacy over broad exposure, a Confidential Listing is a great way to list a website for sale while keeping prying eyes (from competitors, website users or suppliers) away. 

Confidential Listings hide the site's URL, screenshot, WHOIS details, ranking keywords, and hosting information from Flippa users. Interested bidders must contact the seller and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to gain access to that information. 

Once the potential buyer has signed and submitted the NDA, they will be able to see the previously-hidden information in the listing. There's no need to send that information directly to the interested parties once they have signed the NDA, as they will be able to view it in the listing.  

The Confidential Listing option must be selected during the listing creation process; it cannot be applied retroactively once the auction is live. 

Sellers should be aware that the Confidential Listing option severely limits the public visibility of their listing. It's a good idea to share as much as you're comfortable in your site description, in order to interest potential buyers. 

These listings do not have public comments; potential buyers will instead send their questions directly to the seller. 

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