What Happens at the End of a Private Sale?


A private sale can end in two ways:

  1. The seller accepts an offer for the property.

  2. The sale's end time passes.

Once a sale's end time has passed, the sale becomes an Ended sale, and no further offers may be placed.

In this phase, the seller may still need to accept or reject offers, and the winner of the sale hasn't been decided.

All pending offers must be accepted or rejected by the seller.

Rejecting offers

If the seller doesn't accept any offers, no winner is declared, and the sale is marked as Closed.

If the seller doesn't accept or reject any offers within 72 hours, Flippa will reject them automatically. No winner is declared and the sale is marked as Closed.

Accepting offers

If the seller accepts an offer, that is declared the winning offer, and the sale is marked as Won. The seller will see a note on the auction listing that invites them to complete the sale through Flippa's Sale Completion Area.

For details on accepting or rejecting offers, see How do bids and offers work?

The winning buyer is legally bound to purchase the property at the price indicated by the accepted offer. Likewise, the seller is legally bound to sell the item to the winning buyer at that price.

To help complete the transaction, Flippa will display the details of each party in the Sale Completion Area.

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