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At Flippa, you can buy and sell websites and domain names in real time. Here's how it works (or watch this short video).


Register with Flippa to sell sites, domain names or mobile apps, or to make bids and offers on listed properties.

Next, read our Buyer Essentials or Seller Essentials to understand your obligations as a Flippa user.

List a property for sale.

To list online property for sale, you need to:

Once you pay the listing fee, and confirm that you own your site, your listing will appear on, and your property can be sold.

Make a bid or offer.

Buyers scan listings regularly.

Details of each listed property are automatically verified. We'll also warn you of some potential problems that may result from the seller-supplied information.

Use the Ask a Question box on the listing page to ask the seller any questions you have about the property.

To bid in an auction, type the highest amount you're willing to pay into the box, and click the Place Bid button.

Each bidder is accepted or rejected by the seller, and all accepted bidders go into the running to win the auction. As an auction progresses, you can increase your bid to compete with other bidders if you want to.

Some auctions also include a Buy It Now price. You can click the Buy It Now button to buy the property on the spot.

To make an offer in a private sale, type the amount you want to pay into the box, and click the Place Offer button.

Property sold!

Once the auction ends, the buyer who made the highest accepted bid above the reserve is declared the winner. The auction is closed, and Flippa contacts the seller and auction winner.

In a private sale, only one offer is accepted by the seller, and that offer wins the sale. The sale is closed, and Flippa contacts the seller and sale winner.

This is the end of Flippa's role in the process. Payment and property transfer is handled by buyers and sellers themselves. Payment can be completed through one of the payment options selected by the seller when listing the property for sale. We recommend Flippa Escrow.

If you missed out on a property you wanted, don't worry. There's always more to buy and sell on

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