How Can I Sell Online Property on Flippa?


At Flippa, buyers make bids and offers on websites you list for auction or sale.

Selling a website or domain name on Flippa involves listing that property for public auction or private sale.

As you create your listing, you'll choose:

If you're selling at auction, you'll also choose:

  • reserve price - the minimum price you'll happily sell the property for

  • an optional Buy It Now price at which you're happy to sell the property and end the auction immediately.

Create a detailed listing, pay the listing fee, and you're done! Stay near your email inbox, though, because some buyers may want to ask questions before they make a bid or offer.

If your property sells in an auction or sale, Flippa will send you the winning buyer's details so that you can complete the transfer of property. We'll also invoice the seller for the listing success fee.

The details of how you'll collect payment, and how you'll deliver the property to its new owner, are up to you to negotiate with the winner. We recommend that you work out these details with the seller before accepting a bid.

Your property will sell in a public auction if:

In that case, your auction is declared won, and you're legally bound to sell the property for the price of the highest accepted bid.

Your property will sell in a private sale if you accept an offer that's made by a buyer. Once you accept an offer, the sale is declared won, and you're legally bound to sell the property for the value of the offer you accepted.

If you have any questions about selling websites or domain names on Flippa, contact our support team.

For more information, and to get started on your listing, see How to Sell Your Website.

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