What information should I provide in my iOS app listing?


Your listing description is your first chance to impress potential buyers. It’s worth spending a bit of time on your description to interest buyers in your app.

It’s important to note that applications that offer subscriptions, both paid and unpaid, cannot be transferred at this time. This includes apps that previously offered subscriptions but that no longer offer them.

Your listing's title: make first impressions count

When you create your listing, we'll suggest a sample title for you to use. It includes the most important information about your app in a format that's easy for buyers to understand. If you'd like to edit this suggested title, you can do so.

Keep in mind that this description should be concise and highlight the things that make your site unique.


Putting together an effective listing description

Once you've interested a prospective buyer with your listing's title, they'll be looking for more information about your app. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes: what kind of information would you like to read?

The best listings include the App Store ratings, the number of active users, the frameworks used and databases, a list of the social accounts and websites sold with the app, and a short history of updates.


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