How Do I Verify Ownership of my iOS App?


We verify ownership for all properties listed on Flippa, including iOS apps. Verification helps buyers bid with confidence. It is mandatory for listing your app on Flippa.


Here are the steps to verifying ownership of your app:


- Once your listing is ready to launch, we will ask you to verify ownership of your app. Copy the unique Verification Token into the description field of your App Store listing. You can paste the token anywhere in the description, but we recommend placing it in the last line, so it’s not immediately visible to your users. For more information on how to edit your App Store listing, read Apple’s documentation on Editing and Updating App Information.


- Once you have pasted the Verification Token to your App Store listing, click on the Verify via App Store Now button in the Flippa listing process. We will then verify that the token has been placed in your app’s description. It can take up to three hours to verify ownership of the app, so we will notify you as soon as ownership has been verified. Once ownership is verified, you can remove the token from your description.


- If we are unable to verify ownership of the application, we will email you further instructions.  


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